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Power Platform Developers Weekly - Issue #63

Power Platform Developers Weekly - Issue #63
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Welcome to Power Platform Developers Weekly!
Last Saturday was amazing with lots of sessions around front-end development in Model-driven app including #PCF. During the event I released a newer version of PCF Builder; read the full release notes and Diana released her PCF Utils library that will help build code components with frequently used functions as React Hooks; check out her library. The Q&A session with PCF Engineering team was fantastic where they shared lot of valuable information and their vision which was very insightful.
Next Saturday we have back-end development in Dataverse and Model-driven apps; you can join the event by using this link. Also, there is a Q&A session on the Fusion Dev topic at 2 PM UTC. This is currently hot topic with lots of questions on everyone’s mind. So join the event and get your questions answered.
Microsoft feature releases and announcements
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🥇 Cover Story
Search Rows (preview) Action in Dataverse connector in a Flow | D365 Demystified
💎 Model Driven Apps & Dataverse
Model-driven app configuration entity – the most unusual approach I’ve ever seen, but it works | It Ain't Boring
Get Latest Target Entity Value in Plugin Side – Temmy Wahyu Raharjo
Allow Users Without Delete Privilege on Activity to End Recurring Appointment Series or Convert Single Appointment to Recurring One
Trigger on save notification only when certain fields change in Model driven App | MSDYNAMICSBLOG BY DEEPESH
🐱‍🏍 Power Automate
How to continue flow execution after an error | It Ain't Boring
Convert SharePoint Uploaded Word File to Pdf – Yawer Iqbal
🚀 Power Apps Component Framework (PCF)
Increase Timeout for pac pcf push | Scott Durow
How to Sort Dataset in PCF Control? | Inogic
👍 Everything else in Power Platform
Dataverse Custom API: Enabled For Workflow - It Must Be Code!
🔨 Tools & Components
Date/Time handling in SQL 4 CDS - Mark Carrington
👩‍💻 Dev to the Core
Build and Test React app with GitHub Actions - DEV Community
An Introduction to React useReducer Hook
⛅ Around Azure
Fixed: Initial sync status – Not Started – Export to Data Lake | Nishant Rana's Weblog
🎮 Other Interesting Articles
🎥 Videos
Power Apps Accordion Gallery (Expand/Collapse Gallery)
Power Apps Accordion Gallery (Expand/Collapse Gallery)
Ep.05: Oleksandr Olashyn on The DevConnect Show
Ep.05: Oleksandr Olashyn on The DevConnect Show
Enabling drag & drop in canvas-based Power Apps with PCF
Enabling drag & drop in canvas-based Power Apps with PCF
🔊 Podcasts
XrmToolCast: Imran Akram and the XTB's Plugin Registration Tool
🐤 Tweets of the week
PCF Builder
🙌 PCF Builder for #XrmToolBox gets amazing updates
Tons of new features added and many bugs resolved
Major feature is entire manifest file can be managed from the tool.
Complete release notes can be found here:
#PowerApps #PowerPlatform #Dataverse 🧵👇
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