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Power Platform Developers Weekly - Issue #76

Power Platform Developers Weekly - Issue #76
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Welcome to Power Platform Developers Weekly!
Some customers did not configure their Microsoft Power Apps Portals correctly causing data breach alerts. So I have added a new section dedicated to Portals Security this week where we have several community members written blogs on how to identify and resolve these security issues.
There are several in-person events getting organized. Yes, you heard it right in-person event; the forgotten concept. Lots of community members are excited and some of them have shared it through blogs. Scott is excited about the event in Houston, TX whereas Jonas is excited about South Coast Summit.
Thanks to Matt Devaney for sharing this gold nugget on PowerApps canvas app coding standards and guidelines.
Microsoft feature releases and announcements
Internet explorer is retiring and Alex Shlega reminded us of that through his blog.
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— PP Dev Weekly Team

🥇 Cover Story
Group The Items In A Power Apps Gallery
🌐 Portal Security
Power Apps Portals: Did you remember to lock the door? – ReadyXRM
Identifying security loop-holes in Power Apps Portals – Power Maverick
Tip #1407: How to secure Power Apps portal from making the news | Tip Of The Day
💎 Model Driven Apps & Dataverse
Create TracingServiceExtensions for Logging Time Information – Temmy Wahyu Raharjo
Show custom page dialog using Next Gen Commanding & Smart Buttons
Multi-Entity/Table lookup in Dynamics 365 CRM | Inogic
🏋️‍♂️ Canvas Apps
Animated Clock v2.0 - Jamie Willis-Rose
Checking for sensitive information in data - Power Platform Community
🐱‍🏍 Power Automate
Tip #1406: Flow history takes long time to load | CRM Tip Of The Day
Dynamically retrieve table rows from excel file imported at SharePoint folder – The Techie dood
🚀 PCF & Custom Pages
How to programmatically call UpdateView in PCF using requestRender | Inogic
👍 Everything else in Power Platform
Step 1 in Application Lifecycle Management and the Power Platform
How I Make Power Platform Independent Publisher Custom Connectors
👩‍💻 Dev to the Core
Building Hackathon Backend System with GitHub Actions, Microsoft 365 and Power Platform - DEV Community
⛅ Around Azure
App secret valid longer than 24 months » Benedikt's Power Platform Blog
🎮 Other Interesting Articles
🎥 Videos
Power Automate Export to Excel | Dynamically create Table, Columns & Add Rows to Excel | Send Email
Power Automate Export to Excel | Dynamically create Table, Columns & Add Rows to Excel | Send Email
Ep.08: Florian Kroenert on The DevConnect Show
Ep.08: Florian Kroenert on The DevConnect Show
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