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Power Platform Developers Weekly - Issue #82

Power Platform Developers Weekly - Issue #82
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Welcome to the Power Platform Developers Weekly!
This week in Zero to Hero: Power Automate Adventure sessions conducted by a group of awesome #PowerAddicts has Elaiza Benitez presenting on Power Automate, Teams, and Dataverse. Check out the home page for this session.
Microsoft feature releases and announcements
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🥇 Cover Story
Implementing OnKeyPress in Power Apps –
💎 Model Driven Apps & Dataverse
Quick testing of Javascript web resources | It Ain't Boring
Exclusive sneak peek at the new multi-tab Panel (Side Panes) | Inogic
Updated Solution Explorer (Preview) experience – Nishant Rana's Weblog
🏋️‍♂️ Canvas Apps
How to filter a datasource in Canvas app based on Choice field - Debajit's Blog
Power Apps Form Modes - NewForm, EditForm and ViewForm
An easy way to add Multi-Language support - Power Platform Community
🐱‍🏍 Power Automate
Working with Diacritical marks and Characters for adaptive cards with Outlook and Power Automate
Child flows and retry policy | It Ain't Boring
🚀 PCF & Custom Pages
Canvas app code component error "Couldn't import components" | Develop1
Goodbye HTML Web Resources… – Dianamics PCF Lady
👍 Everything else in Power Platform
Tip #1419: Dual-write 404 error when metadata contains special characters | Tip Of The Day
Dataverse DevOps: Create Solution Exporter By Description – Temmy Wahyu Raharjo
Swap out old code-components with new using the Power Platform CLI
🔨 Tools & Components
Integrating SQL 4 CDS with your own XrmToolBox tool - Mark Carrington
Deployment profiles in Power Apps Portals - Dancing with CRM
⛅ Around Azure
How to run Powershell in Azure Functions - Debajit's Blog
🎮 Other Interesting Articles
🎥 Videos
Power Apps Upload Multliple Files AND Drag and Drop Files
Power Apps Upload Multliple Files AND Drag and Drop Files
Power Apps Tips & Tricks for Beginners
Power Apps Tips & Tricks for Beginners
🐤 Tweets of the week
is it me or everyone doesn't know that you can add PCF directly to the site map by setting the URL to &pagetype=control&controlName=ControlName and now you will have a control that is not bounded to anything
#PowerApps #PowerAddicts #PCF
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