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Power Platform Developers Weekly - Issue #91

Power Platform Developers Weekly - Issue #91
By Power Platform Developers • Issue #91 • View online
Welcome to the Power Platform Developers Weekly!
Check out the all-new Power Platform VS Code extension pack that houses all the good extensions needed to work with Power Platform & Dataverse. Extension Pack bundles all the extensions together so you can install them all with one click. So download it now.
Microsoft feature releases and announcements
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🥇 Cover Story
Settings solution component explained » Benedikt's Power Platform Blog
💎 Model Driven Apps & Dataverse
Transform your Model-driven app to a multi-session app using settings solution component – XRM Tricks
Dynamics CRM: Create Custom Autonumber Plugin Using Azure SQL Sequence – Temmy Wahyu Raharjo
🏋️‍♂️ Canvas Apps
Everything You Need To Know About Power Apps Patch Forms
Throw away the hour and minute drop-downs and enter the time directly - Power Platform Community
😎 Power Automate
A Double Expand Query and Some Missing Dynamic Content in Power Automate – Sara Lagerquist
Bulk Delete via Power Automate -
🚀 PCF & Custom Pages
Watch out for PCF (code-components) sort silently failing
👍 Everything else in Power Platform
Set Connection References and Environment Variables in Pipelines » Benedikt's Power Platform Blog
What is a Progressive Web App? – ReadyXRM
⛅ Around Azure
Quickly discover any expiring certificates for Azure App Services
Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – November 2021 | Microsoft Azure
🎮 Other Interesting Articles
🎥 Videos
Power Apps Dynamic Form Schema | Add Controls on the fly
Power Apps Dynamic Form Schema | Add Controls on the fly
TypeScript for Dataverse Mentoring - Day 4
TypeScript for Dataverse Mentoring - Day 4
🔊 Podcasts
XrmToolCast: Power Platform School and Voice Channel with Tricia Sinclair
🐤 Tweets of the week
Khalid 🎄
💥 Nobody wants exceptions at runtime.

☢️ Keep everyone safe by using the as operator to perform a safe cast.

📦 Either get the value you are expecting or a nullable value type.

@dotnet #csharp #developers #dotnet
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