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Power Platform Developers Weekly - Issue #92

Power Platform Developers Weekly - Issue #92
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Welcome to the Power Platform Developers Weekly!
The majority of the people especially in tech experience Imposter Syndrome at some point or other especially as they get promoted and it is essential to overcome it in order to have a quality life. In this edition, I wanted to highlight the following article that talks about how to overcome the Imposter Syndrome.
Microsoft feature releases and announcements
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🥇 Cover Story
Using Custom Process Action with Code for integration: Dataverse – Nishant Rana's Weblog
💎 Model Driven Apps & Dataverse
Retrieving email CC using Dataverse Web API – @ramontebar
Fixed: Action not appearing in Plugin Registration tool – Nishant Rana's Weblog
🏋️‍♂️ Canvas Apps
All Power Apps Date & Time Functions (With Examples)
Easily Collect Array Data in PowerApps from a Flow – Steelcut Bytes
😎 Power Automate
Trigger MS Flow when the email is related to an incident. – Vblogs
Working with approval tasks in Dataverse • Tomasz Poszytek
🔨 Tools & Components
File Columns and Web API ~ CRM Answers
👩‍💻 Dev to the Core
What's the difference between a GitHub Action and a Workflow? - DEV Community
How to use Ngrok for tunneling the local servers? | by Rohan Ravindra Kadam
⛅ Around Azure
How to use Azure Service Bus Queue and Azure Storage Queue – Temmy Wahyu Raharjo
🎮 Other Interesting Articles
🎥 Videos
Power Apps Attachment Control Tutorial | Multiple Attachment Controls | Tag SharePoint attachments
Power Apps Attachment Control Tutorial | Multiple Attachment Controls | Tag SharePoint attachments
PowerApps set default value based on another field from a dropdown
PowerApps set default value based on another field from a dropdown
❓ Quiz of the week
What is the command for shelving the uncommitted changes on Git
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🐤 Tweets of the week
Nick Craver
Never occurred to me to use ValueTuples for temp variable swapping, but...yeah:
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